Half-Moons Spoon in Blue Pine II - 12"

Half-Moons Spoon in Blue Pine II - 12"


Hand-carved from blue pine wood and sourced from my local, sustainable sawmill.

*Small hole in spoon bowl from Mountain Pine Beetle

This wood is called a blue stain pine, and the science behind it is fascinating. The Mountain Pine Beetle and a blue stain fungus have a symbiosis relationship in which they work together to destroy lodgepole pine and ponderosa pine. Due to shorter and warmer winters more, Pine Beetles can survive. Trees that contain the blue stain are cut down to save other trees around them. As a woodcarver and an artist who wants to create sustainable work, I can salvage this wood and create my artful wood carvings.


Blue Pine Wood

Kitchen or Decorative Spoon 12”

To Maintain + Care: 

  • wash by hand with mild soap and towel dry

  • do not wash in dishwasher or let soak in water

  • wipe down with Boos Block Mystery Oil once a month for heavy use and once every three months for light use

  • *care instructions will be sent out with every order

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