(b. 1987, Louisiana)

Amanda Clair

July 2018

July 2018


A self-taught abstract painter and woodworker Amanda works primarily in water-based media, spray paint, textiles, and wood. She has been working and showing professionally since 2010.

The breadth of her work lies in discovering personal identity, growth, and transformation, exploring the dichotomous relationships between conflict and peace, suffering and acceptance, structure and freedom.

Amanda has shown her work extensively in exhibitions throughout Texas, as well as California and Oregon. Her work is also in personal collections across the United States including the Southeast, New York, Washington D.C, the Pacific Northwest, and as far as Norfolk, U.K.

She currently lives and works in Central Oregon with her partner, Danielle and their two cats. 


My Story

I first sought art as a form of therapy, not expecting that the paintings I was creating would transform into something beyond: it has become a pursuit for truth and identity.

Painting then became for me, a medium of relating to others: breaking from the constraints of perfectionism, and finding beauty in mistakes. The progression of my work has been the successive navigation of attaining freedom while looking for balance and structure in my life. It is this constant pursuit of bettering myself, personal progress and having the courage to find emotional healing.

I’ve begun to discover a personal identity and authenticity, drawing my inspiration from naturally occurring bright, muted hues, and textures.

My journey has brought me to the Pacific Northwest, where I continue to develop my practice, with hopes of eventually leading into textile and furniture design.

Exploring the Painted Hills of Oregon | April 2018

Exploring the Painted Hills of Oregon | April 2018


Amanda Clair | amanda@roseandsonnet.com


b. Bossier City, Louisiana

Lives and works in Central Oregon



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